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Gålö is a peninsula and a nature reserve with a fantastic flora. You get here by car or bus. There are over 7000 km of scenic hiking trails and a historic Stone Age trail with remains from the first seal hunters after the ice age XNUMX years ago. Stockholm's longest sandy beach attracts one million visitors each year to sea baths, camping, holiday villages, hostels and farm cafés. At Morarna there is a small museum, flea market and restaurant. Open on Sundays. Every other year, the coal mile is lit on Gålö.

Häringe Castle

The castle restaurant serves breakfast every morning, lunch every day of the week and dinner Monday to Saturday. At Häringe, every meal is equally important. An early breakfast with the morning paper in the dining room, a lunch with your new boss, a lively family dinner or a romantic first date on the sunny castle terrace. Every meal is more or less like a little party in its own way! Maybe you have something special you want to celebrate with your loved ones. Birthday, family dinner or golden wedding? Enjoy a delicious three-course castle dinner, book your own dining room or Häringe's banquet grand piano for 150 guests

Gålö Havsbad

Gålö Havsbad-open all year round Gålö Havsbad is a modern tourist facility in the middle of a nature reserve with the beach, forest, sea and hiking trails around the corner 4-star campsite with large plots for motorhomes, caravans & tents. Comfortable cottages, hostels and from the summer of 2021 glamping tents. Hostel with 8 double rooms with single beds Large green areas and opportunities to arrange meetings for the club, association or club meeting. Conference & meeting rooms for up to 100 people give you the opportunity to organize parties, meetings, kick off in a wonderful archipelago environment. Summer bistro, rental

SkiMarine & "Just Ride Cable"

A water sports center in southern Haninge / Runsten with shop, café and conference, next to it is our newly dug lake with an electric cable car for water skiing, wakeboarding and kneeboarding. You can also paddle SUP, swim or just relax. An electric and environmentally friendly water sports facility that can be compared to a ski lift on water, a wire goes around in a circle through 5 towers at about 10 meters height and the skier's rope / handle is connected at regular intervals where you can go water skiing, wakeboarding or kneeboarding. The park is open to all ages, beginners and advanced. Being able to swim is a requirement.


PORT 73 is a trading post in Haninge which is located next to Riksväg 73, in the middle of the traffic hub that connects Haninge, Tyresö and Nynäshamn. Here you will find most of what you need, pharmacy, food, fashion, leisure, houses and homes under one roof. Our shopping center is a safe, pleasant and friendly place for people to meet for food and shopping. Welcome to Port 73.

Haninge GK

20 minutes from Stockholm city, Haninge Golf Club is located in scenic surroundings at Årsta Castle. There are 3 9-hole courses that are combined daily into an 18-and a 9-hole loop so it is easy to get start time. Haninge GK is an attractive golf facility with a course in top condition, plenty of training opportunities and pleasant socializing. Welcome! Address Haninge GK, Årsta Castle, 137 95 Österhaninge Phone number 08-500 32850 Email address info@haningegk.se


In Haninge, you can stay luxuriously in a hotel in the city center or just as luxuriously in castles, hotels and course yards in the countryside and in an archipelago environment. You who want to live easier can rent a cottage in the archipelago.

Utö tent site

On Utö there is one of the archipelago's finest campsites. Right by the sea, with a beautiful view of the southern harbor and Mysingen - and a very own sandy beach directly adjacent to the campsite! The campsite has a service cottage with toilets, showers and a small space with hotplates. The campsite is of the outdoor model and has no numbered places, individuals therefore do not need to book a place. School classes and larger groups, on the other hand, need to book in advance. For booking and information contact Hamnboden on telephone: 08-501 57 450

Back pocket Utö

With an atmosphere that is higher than the masts in the harbor, Bakfickan is a safe card for you who are hungry for music, partying and pleasant company. Bakfickan is open on Saturdays from Valborgsmässoafton to the first weekend in October and Wed-Sat during high summer, opening hours 22-03.

Häringe Castle

Just 25 minutes from Stockholm, beautifully and idyllically located. The castle from the 1600th century is reminiscent of a bygone era of splendor and opulence. The big city feels far away when you walk over the vast estates, next to the sea and a large nature reserve. Häringe is a former manor. The current main building was built on the initiative of Gustaf Horn and was completed in 1657. Häringe Castle has had several well-known owners, among them Gustav II Adolf, Fabian Löwen, Torsten Kreuger, Axel Wenner-Gren and Olle Hartwig. Häringe offers party opportunities, accommodation, conferences and activities for the whole family.


Haninge's diversity is reflected in many ways, not least when it comes to the selection of restaurants with good food from different countries. In addition to the restaurants in the city center, there are also good neighborhood restaurants in the various parts of the municipality. In addition, Haninge can offer excellent restaurants in both castle and archipelago environments.

Fors Gård

In the middle of beautiful Södertörn is Fors Gård dating from the Viking Age. We are open all year round with riding school, outdoor rides and private lessons on our Icelandic horses, and for experienced riders luxury lessons on our Lusitano horses. We tailor conferences, kick-offs and bridal parties with a horse connection according to wishes. The farm contains several historic buildings. The old mill opposite the rapids also had a saw and in the old crofts around lived the people who worked on the farm. Welcome to call 08-500 107 89 or email us at bokningen.forsgard@telia.com

Gålö Gårdssmejeri, shop and café

Beautifully located on Frönäs Gård 4 kilometers out on Gålö towards Oxnö. Here you can enjoy the tranquility with a view of the sea and the goat pastures, where our more than 100 goats graze. In Gårdsbutiken you will find home-made cheeses and marmalades in addition to other goodies. In Gårdskaféet you can enjoy homemade coffee bread and good sandwiches with our own goat cheese. We tell you about our business. Opening hours on the website.

Vega Antiklada

Antique. retro, design, curiosities and flea markets New items every week. Open: Wednesday - Thursday 12-18 Saturday - Sunday 11 - 16 A warm welcome to Vega Antiklada, (Gamla) Nynäsvägen 3, greets Cristina Taccola. Tel: 0725 191963, Email: vegaantikladan@hotmail.com


Ornö in Stockholm's southern archipelago is one of Sweden's larger islands. The island has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and has several natural harbors and an older character with old farms and several small, deep lakes. The best way to discover Ornö's varied nature is by bike or by hiking. See the orchids at Mane meadow. For those who want to stay overnight, there are hotels, hostels and cottages. There is a car ferry and Waxholmsbåt from and to Dalarö.


In Haninge's southern archipelago, with Hårsfjärden to the west and the large bay Mysingen on the outside facing the sea, lies Muskö. Here, the Swedish navy had its main base from the 1500th century until 1967. A giant naval base that occupies as large an area as the Old Town in Stockholm is blasted into the rock. In the 1960s, a tunnel was built between Muskö and the mainland. The car tunnel is almost 3 kilometers long and runs as deep as 66 meters below the bay. On Muskö there are two large mansions from the 1700th century, Arbottna and Ludvigsberg.

Stegsholms Gård

A living family farm, 1km into Gålö with about 40 dairy cows and about 80 young animals that keep the fantastic oak pastures open. Sheep grazing islands in Stockholm's wonderful archipelago. In the yard there is a café and a different riding school for both large and small, from about 2 years to adult. We have long lessons where contact with the horse is important. We are always outdoors and use nature to learn to ride. During the semesters we have a riding school where most people ride every other week, in the summer and on holidays we have well-attended camps.

Historic Dalarö

Dalarö was founded in 1636 and over the years has been a customs and pilot station, trading and naval port. In the 1800th century, Dalarö became a society resort and is today an idyllic holiday resort, but also an important point of replica and the gateway to the southern archipelago. Strindberg called Dalarö the gate to paradise. In the Dalarö archipelago is the world's best preserved shipwreck from the 1600th century. Do you want to experience them and know more? We tailor guided visits and shipwreck tours for smaller or larger groups all year round. Call 08 - 501 508 00 or e-mail info@dalaro.se

Kymendö - Strindbergs Hemsö

The islanders spell Kymendö with an "m" and pronounce it "Tjymmendö". A settler from the Viking Age with the name Tjudmund may be the one who gave the island its name. The author August Strindberg rented a summer residence here several summers here in the 1870s and in his novel Hemsöborna he depicts the people and the archipelago environment on the island. Today, Waxholmsbåt goes to Kymendö from Dalarö and in the summers to and from Strömkajen in Stockholm.

Utö Inn

Enjoy good food and wonderful archipelago nature, rent a bike or walk to the sea. Our hotel rooms are located in different buildings, more originally from the old days as a seaside resort, but now modern and renovated hotel rooms and apartments with shower, WC, telephone and TV. The rooms are warm and cozy and the decor has been carefully chosen to complement the fantastic archipelago nature. Book our affordable packages with meals and activities adapted to spring, summer and autumn or of course the Christmas table and Utö Christmas market in December. On the hill up towards Värdshuset is the hostel Skärgården which holds