We offer wine tasting & tasting of our Italian wines, pasta dishes, cheeses and charcuterie products. A selection of gastronomic experiences of the best from Italy. Catering, wine tasting at your home or on premises, as desired.

Almåsa Sea Hotel

Almåsa Havshotell is a modern meeting place in Stockholm's southern archipelago, which offers salt-sprinkled meetings in the form of conferences, weddings, parties, Svartkrog and nice weekends in an environment where it's perfectly okay to take life with a pinch of sea salt - simply a nicer life.

Ludvigsberg manor

It was in 1776 that the Stockholm merchant Adolf Ludvig Levin fell in love with the idyllic archipelago island of Muskö and had Ludvigsbergs Herrgård built in the period's Gustavian style and inaugurated it in 1781-1782

Gårdsmejeriet Sanda

Gårdsmejeriet Sanda is our small local dairy in Österhaninge, just south of Stockholm. We produce artisanal cheeses of various types, everything from good cream cheeses to hard cheeses. In the dairy is our farm shop where our good cheeses are for sale.


Kymmendö in the Haninges archipelago offers untouched nature with beautiful flower meadows and hazel and oak hills. It is an island with a rich history. August Strindberg lived several summers on Kymmendö and his novel Hemsöborna takes place right here.

Quarter long

Fjärdlång is located in Haninge's beautiful archipelago and is a perfect excursion destination for the whole family. At the harbor there is a small shallow beach and around the island you can swim from nice rocks or fish. There is plenty of space here for both activities and the opportunity to find peace.

Haninge GK

20 minutes from Stockholm city, Haninge Golf Club is located in scenic surroundings at Årsta Castle. There are 3 9-hole courses that are combined daily into an 18-and a 9-hole loop so it is easy to get start time. Haninge GK is an attractive golf facility with a course in top condition, plenty of training opportunities and pleasant socializing. Welcome! Address Haninge GK, Årsta Castle, 137 95 Österhaninge Phone number 08-500 32850 Email address

Ekuddens hostel

Ekudden is the place for you who organize camps, courses, conferences or private festivities. Cook your own food in our large, lovely kitchens, order catering from our neighboring farm or would you rather have your own chef come and cook your food on site? With us, it is easy to book and carry out gatherings on your terms With barbecue areas, sauna, sandy beach, jetty and football pitch, it is easy to live and enjoy. Maybe that's why our guests return year after year! We offer options such as cleaning as well as sheets and towels for your booking. Also take the opportunity to book our popular hot tub! We help

Gålö Sea Bath

Here you live comfortably on large grassy plots with a couple of minutes' walk to the sea, beach, cliffs, reception/mini club, restaurant and mini golf. In the camping area, you have access to three service houses, a laundry room and a library where you can borrow or exchange books, as it suits you.


Nåttarö is Haninge's own South Sea island, only a half-hour boat ride from Nynäshamn. The island is the Stockholm archipelago's largest sandy area and here there are plenty of child-friendly, shallow sandy beaches.


PORT 73 is a trading post in Haninge which is located next to Riksväg 73, in the middle of the traffic hub that connects Haninge, Tyresö and Nynäshamn. Here you will find most of what you need, pharmacy, food, fashion, leisure, houses and homes under one roof. Our shopping center is a safe, pleasant and friendly place for people to meet for food and shopping. Welcome to Port 73.

Gålö farm dairy

A small dairy with a summer café at Frönäs.

Horsfjärden Hostel

A family-owned hostel and for us each guest is unique. We are open all year round and offer a pleasant accommodation in beautiful nature in the country just 25 minutes from Stockholm city by car. The houses are located at the edge of the forest with golf course and agriculture as the nearest neighbors. Here you will find peace!

Ornö tourism

Here there are forests and many lakes, roads and paths that provide opportunities for nice hikes and bike rides, open pastures, nature reserves with orchid meadows, a church, a school, just under 300 year-round residents and over 3000 recreational islanders, and so far only a few daily and weekly visitors. This is why this is an undiscovered gem for those who love outdoor life and a genuine archipelago environment.


Imagine being far out in the Stockholm archipelago's outermost sea belt and being able to order a delicious dinner, fill the pantry with supplies, buy ice cream, read the evening newspaper while being able to find your very own cliff or sandy beach in rare archipelago nature and just be.

Gålö Gärsar Hembygdsförening

The Hembygdsföreningen with us on Gålö is called Gålö Gärsar Hembygdsförening. We work to keep Gålö's history alive, that Gålö should be a functional place for residents and smaller companies to create a good contact between the residents. Why the name Gärsar? Yeast is a fish. In ancient times, young people on the island were called Gärsar, in contrast to mainland young people who were called Crows. Gålö Gärsar was formed in 1984. From 2004 we have had our own premises here at Morarna farm. We have several different activities within the association ..

Tyresta farm

At Tyresta farm, you can take part in a traditional small-scale farm with crop cultivation and Swedish land breeds such as Roslag sheep and red hills. There is also a Country Store here where you can buy sausages from the farm and grill yourself at the barbecue area.

Nordic Trails

Nordic Trails organizes cycling and hiking holidays in Stockholm's archipelago and Sörmland, which gives you all the information you need to take advantage of an active holiday in Sweden's beautiful, calm and unique nature. We plan and you enjoy!


Explore the hidden treasures of the Baltic Sea - go on a shipwreck or dive yourself

Sand chickens

We carry out KRAV-labelled organic egg production on a small scale and have an egg packer. We sell the eggs to consumers, shops and restaurants. We are passionate about what we do and the chickens are our workmates.