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Head cutting

At the far end of the outermost sea band is the Huvudskär Archipelago and is one of Haninge's nature reserves. There are 200 islands, cobs and skerries. On Ålandsskär, a fishing village dating from the Middle Ages, there are buildings. Tullhuset is today a hostel, in the pilot house there is an exhibition about Huvudskär's history. From the lighthouse you have a fantastic view. The Archipelago Foundation manages the island and the Hostel. Waxholmsbolaget operates Huvudskär via Fjärdlång from Dalarö 3 days a week T / R in summer.

Utö tent site

On Utö there is one of the archipelago's finest campsites. Right by the sea, with a beautiful view of the southern harbor and Mysingen - and a very own sandy beach directly adjacent to the campsite! The campsite has a service cottage with toilets, showers and a small space with hotplates. The campsite is of the outdoor model and has no numbered places, individuals therefore do not need to book a place. School classes and larger groups, on the other hand, need to book in advance. For booking and information contact Hamnboden on telephone: 08-501 57 450


Ornö in Stockholm's southern archipelago is one of Sweden's larger islands. The island has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and has several natural harbors and an older character with old farms and several small, deep lakes. The best way to discover Ornö's varied nature is by bike or by hiking. See the orchids at Mane meadow. For those who want to stay overnight, there are hotels, hostels and cottages. There is a car ferry and Waxholmsbåt from and to Dalarö.

SkiMarine & "Just Ride Cable"

A water sports center in southern Haninge / Runsten with shop, café and conference, next to it is our newly dug lake with an electric cable car for water skiing, wakeboarding and kneeboarding. You can also paddle SUP, swim or just relax. An electric and environmentally friendly water sports facility that can be compared to a ski lift on water, a wire goes around in a circle through 5 towers at about 10 meters height and the skier's rope / handle is connected at regular intervals where you can go water skiing, wakeboarding or kneeboarding. The park is open to all ages, beginners and advanced. Being able to swim is a requirement.

Vega City Hotel

A charming and affordable business and family hotel that listens to your wishes and takes your needs into account. The hotel has full rights and you choose the contents of your minibar. Breakfast included. Vega Stadshotell is strategically located in Haninge between Vega and Handen next to road 73. Here it is close to the beautiful Södertörn, to lakes and wilderness and close to some of Sweden's largest shopping malls and department stores. Easy to stop near Stockholm on the way to Gotland, the Baltic countries and Poland. Tel: 08-777 22 91, E-mail: info@vegastadshotell.se

Häringe Castle

The castle restaurant serves breakfast every morning, lunch every day of the week and dinner Monday to Saturday. At Häringe, every meal is equally important. An early breakfast with the morning paper in the dining room, a lunch with your new boss, a lively family dinner or a romantic first date on the sunny castle terrace. Every meal is more or less like a little party in its own way! Maybe you have something special you want to celebrate with your loved ones. Birthday, family dinner or golden wedding? Enjoy a delicious three-course castle dinner, book your own dining room or Häringe's banquet grand piano for 150 guests


Haninge's diversity is reflected in many ways, not least when it comes to the selection of restaurants with good food from different countries. In addition to the restaurants in the city center, there are also good neighborhood restaurants in the various parts of the municipality. In addition, Haninge can offer excellent restaurants in both castle and archipelago environments.

Muskö Farm shop

Björkdal's farm on Muskö with 100 hectares of organic farming, requirements-certified. Archipelago lamb - the ewes from Muskö, the rams from Kymendö and Nämdö. We offer grilled lamb, minced lamb, lamb skin and lamb sausages with various spices. The meat is slaughtered and cut at Sörby slaughterhouse. The lambskin is prepared in Tranås. Honey from Herrö. Eggs from Sanda chicken farm. In the autumn, it is possible to order lamb boxes with a cut lamb in each box. Welcome!

Stegsholm Farm

A living family farm, 1km into Gålö with about 40 dairy cows and about 80 young animals that keep the fantastic oak pastures open. Sheep grazing islands in Stockholm's wonderful archipelago. In the yard there is a café and a different riding school for both large and small, from about 2 years to adult. We have long lessons where contact with the horse is important. We are always outdoors and use nature to learn to ride. During the semesters we have a riding school where most people ride every other week, in the summer and on holidays we have well-attended camps.


In Haninge there are several trading places. The largest shopping center, Haninge center, has a large number of stores. Another is Port 73 at the entrance to Haninge with i.a. Coop Forum and stores with well-known brands. A stone's throw away there are more department stores such as ICA MAXI etc .. Smaller shopping centers are in Västerhaninge and in Brandbergen.

Historic Dalarö

Dalarö was founded in 1636 and over the years has been a customs and pilot station, trading and naval port. In the 1800th century, Dalarö became a society resort and is today an idyllic holiday resort, but also an important point of replica and the gateway to the southern archipelago. Strindberg called Dalarö the gate to paradise. In the Dalarö archipelago is the world's best preserved shipwreck from the 1600th century. Do you want to experience them and know more? We tailor guided visits and shipwreck tours for smaller or larger groups all year round. Call 08 - 501 508 00 or e-mail info@dalaro.se

Back pocket Utö

With an atmosphere that is higher than the masts in the harbor, Bakfickan is a safe card for you who are hungry for music, partying and pleasant company. Bakfickan is open on Saturdays from Valborgsmässoafton to the first weekend in October and Wed-Sat during high summer, opening hours 22-03.

Gålö Gårdssmejeri, shop and café

Beautifully located on Frönäs Gård 4 kilometers out on Gålö towards Oxnö. Here you can enjoy the tranquility with a view of the sea and the goat pastures, where our more than 100 goats graze. In Gårdsbutiken you will find home-made cheeses and marmalades in addition to other goodies. In Gårdskaféet you can enjoy homemade coffee bread and good sandwiches with our own goat cheese. We tell you about our business. Opening hours on the website.


In Haninge, you can stay luxuriously in a hotel in the city center or just as luxuriously in castles, hotels and course yards in the countryside and in an archipelago environment. You who want to live easier can rent a cottage in the archipelago.

Utö Inn

In the old mining office there is Utö Värdshus bar and dining rooms with marine and homely atmosphere. Here you can eat a la carte both lunch and dinner and drink everything from coffee to champagne. In summer, the sunny outdoor veranda is open from morning to evening and in winter when the frost has subsided, you can warm yourself with hot chocolate or mulled wine in front of the crackling fire in the sideboard.


We offer wine tasting & tasting of our Italian wines, pasta dishes, cheeses and charcuterie products. A selection of gastronomic experiences of the best of Italy. Catering, wine tasting at your home or in the premises, depending on your wishes. Book an appointment in advance. Order via vinprovning@gustavino.se. A warm welcome greets Carlo Taccola, GustaVino AB Tel: 070 7982448


PORT 73 is a trading post in Haninge which is located next to Riksväg 73, in the middle of the traffic hub that connects Haninge, Tyresö and Nynäshamn. Here you will find most of what you need, pharmacy, food, fashion, leisure, houses and homes under one roof. Our shopping center is a safe, pleasant and friendly place for people to meet for food and shopping. Welcome to Port 73.

Häringe Castle

At Häringe Castle you can live like a king. Or why not as a movie star in Greta Garbo's own single room, in an original from the 1930s. The hotel rooms are located around the castle and in many different categories; everything from single rooms to deluxe rooms and suites. You can also live separately in your own house with its own garden, large bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. Häringe is beautifully and idyllically located 25 minutes south of Stockholm. Here, the big city feels far away when you walk over the vast estates, next door to the archipelago and a large nature reserve. Here it is easy to enjoy and relax.

Utö Guest Harbor

The nature and surroundings on Utö are historical and unique and you can experience peace and simplicity, as well as adventure, luxury and nightlife. There is a rich selection of restaurants and accommodation and in the harbor and Gruvbyn the summer pleasures are always close and full of bathers and boaters. But just a stone's throw away there are also lovely sandy beaches and untouched nature, with walking or cycling distance to a very own glade or bay. If you come with your own boat, you dock in the north or south harbor and once ashore you can start enjoying Utö. In the harbor area there is a reception, kiosk, café, and ice cream parlor. Here you can too

Nordic Trails

Nordic Trails arranges cycling and hiking trips in the Stockholm archipelago that give you all the information you need to be able to take advantage of an active holiday on your own in the archipelago's beautiful, calm and unique nature.